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2022 Adventurer Campout

April 22-24 our Adventurer Club attended our conference sponsored campout held at Hurkey Creek Campground in the San Jacinto Mountains. 


Prior to our arrival it had snowed two days prior.  The snow had all evaporated, but the cold remained.   The chill made it a bit uncomfortable in the tents.  A heater was brought that connected 4 of the tents.  The rest either had their personal heater, or none at all.  


Aside from the cold, we were able to have lots of fun.  For many this was their first time camping.  Saturday we went on a long hike.  In the evening, and mornings we went to listen to Pastor Soli preach.  Our adventurers were able to lead out in music for church service with Director Jolene and Nancy playing the guitar.  We even had a live stream with our church on sabbath.  

Food was great, and we even got to make our own pizzas thanks to Jimmy bringing his pizza oven.  We celebrated a couple birthdays with cupcakes.  At night we enjoyed smores.  All in all I'd say it was a great success, aside for Jimmy loosing his rental keys when were about to leave.  We found them though.  A minor hiccup to a great weekend.

Campout Photos

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