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Roof Repair

This past winter, the rain has been hard on our facilities.  The rain has destroyed much of our roof and interior walls.  We need your help.  Prices for repair are estimated over $500,000.  Even a couple dollars can help.  Click donate now.  We thank you for your support.


Repair Estimates

Roof Repair Estimate $306,400 +$50,000 cushion

Solar Replacement Removal: $4,450

Solar Reinstall: $110,000

Sanctuary Wall Repair: $10,000

Classroom Wall Repair: $12,00

Parking Lot Repaving: $259,000

Roughly a Total of: $702,090

Help Us Raise the Roof!

  • Whether by providing a place of worship, hundreds of meals weekly, clothing through our community services, fellowship, and support for all who enter our doors, our church has been a cornerstone of this community for decades. But recently, we've noticed some serious issues with our roof, and we need your help to fix it.

  • We're calling on our community to help us raise the funds we need to repair our church roof and keep our congregation safe and dry. Your donation, no matter how small, will make a difference.

  • By supporting our campaign, you're not just helping to fix a roof. You're helping to keep our community strong, and ensuring that future generations will have a place to gather and worship, and those in need will have meals, and clothes to wear.

  • Please consider donating today. Every dollar counts, and with your help, we can raise the roof and keep our church thriving for years to come.

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