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2023 Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

On January 8, 2023 the Hemet SDA Church Adventurer Club, family, and friends traveled to the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway.  For most this was their first time visiting the Tramway.  Many of the kids had never been sledding, let alone had ever owned snow gear until this day.  As we begin 2023 with new memories, it's gatherings like these that make Adventurers worth it.  

We began the day by meeting in the parking lot.  One family arrived with a shattered windshield from a collision with a bird.  Surely not the best way to start off.  Most of the group were able to go up the tramway together.  Director Jolene led out with a prayer as we began our ascent. 


What begins as a cold dry desert in January, 10 minutes later a snow capped mountain.  While Jolene waited at the Mountain Station for a few stragglers the Adventurers were able to play in the snow a hop, skip, and a jump away.  After 30 minutes of nonstop play we then were treated with a huge meal at the Pines Cafe.  

Full stomachs in hand, we went back to the snow for sledding.  Memory after memory was made.  Occasional bumps, bruises, choke holds, wind knocked out, and near misses occurred.  All thanks to God no broken bones. 


Ten years from now it is my hope these kids remember their brothers and sisters in Christ; that they remember sledding side by side with their fellow Eager Beaver, they remember building a snow fort and throwing a snowball at their fellow Sun Beam, they remember being caught by Lori, Laura, Jolene and others as their sled was slowed to a stop, they remember their ride peering out a half-inch glass dangling a thousand of feet above ground, they remember their Pastor gaining the courage to stop the ride for a boisterous prayer amongst strangers, and they remember not wanting to leave. 


January 8th 2023, a day what I can only imagine will be a glimpse of what heaven will be like.  However it is still just a glimpse, as Thy Kingdom Come will be even better.  Whereas there will be no tears, no struggling of breath, no delineation of family members by birth, and never having to leave to resume the monotonous of this life.

While 57 tired members came back home to their individual homes in the comfort of warmth, I begin the count down of 5 days till I see family again this coming Sabbath at our Hemet Church.

-Mr. Tim-

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway Gallery

Photographer James Uyeda

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