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Pathfinder Skate Night

The Wheelhouse Roller Skating
Pathfinders roller skating

The Wheelhouse Roller Skating

On January 15, 2023 the Pathfinders got their skate on.  Our Pathfinder Club visited The Wheelhouse here in Hemet California.  

I've driven past this location many times.  Not once did I know it existed.  When our director told us there was a skating rink in Hemet, I was confused.  After some research, indeed there is a skating rink in Hemet.  

The rink is small, but big enough for lots of fun.  Many of our Pathfinders have never skated before.  Now they can no longer say that.  After 2 hours of laps, many were getting faster and faster.  

Some of our Adventurers were here as well, also skating for their first time.  Most of our adults appeared as if they returned to the 80's.  It was like riding a bicycle.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching them skate, as if they hadn't missed a beat, a past time before computers.  A past time of going outside and doing something physical. Our Pastor even skated like a pro, till he knocked over a derby skater.  

When you say the term Pathfinder, you don't normally think about roller skating.  However, for many this was their first time.  This day they made a new path, but instead of walking they rolled.  This new path, with family members in Christ, precisely what Pathfinders is about.


-Mr. Tim 

Photos to Come!

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