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Master Guides

Our Hemet Pathfinder Club has many Master Guides in training.  This page is for those working on their requirements.  For those looking to complete their Adventist Pioneer Heritage Award, we provided the link to the seminars that were held on March 11, 2023.  This is our first step to completing the honor.  Further requirements will be listed as we progress.

Adventist Pioneer Heritage Award

For our Hemet Seventh-day Adventist church members, and those who are planning on joining us in completing this Award, start by watching the two seminars on our Adventist Heritage (if you didn't attend them in person). Then follow the next steps below for our April 8th meeting.  

Watch Two Episodes of the "Keepers of the Flame" Series

April 8 Meeting (1:30-3:30 p.m.)

On April 8, 2023, 1:30-3:30 p.m. we will be going over more topics to finish the Adventist Pioneer Heritage Award.  These topics will cover church organization, important locations, and follow up with your knowledge of everything covered.  The following is what we hope to accomplish at our next meeting.


1. Prior to the meeting, please have watched two episodes of the "Keepers of the Flame."  Preferably watch episode 4 and on.

2. Additionally read the handout from Pastor Ted's seminar.  

3. Make and bring the Family Faith Chart and fill out as much as you can.

4.  Complete the history of your church and bring it with you.

5.  We will bring copies of The Pathfinder Story for you to read the following month.

6. Tim will follow up about church structure in class.

7.  We will break into groups and share what we learned by telling stories in class.

Upcoming Seminars (May 13, 2023)

Temperament Analysis

Presented by Don and Marion Gamundoy

May 13, 2023, 1:30-3:30 p.m.

In the upcoming months, the Hemet Seventh-day Adventist Church Pathfinder club will be sponsoring over 10 seminars/workshops that will help with the requirements to complete the Master Guide. We will continue to update as the seminars are planned.

For Those Interested in Coming to Future Seminars at the Hemet Seventh-day Adventist Church Contact Cindy: 909-268-6092

Child Abuse Seminar

Our workshop on Child Abuse Prevention was held on January 14, 2023.

Basic Staff Training Slideshows

Click Button to Download

We are providing these slideshows as a template, and reference for those who attended this past December and January 2022/2023.

As part of your Master Guide, you will review the Adventist 28 Fundamental Beliefs.  For each belief, write a two-paragraph synopsis and bring it back at a future meeting.  Link is provided.

Required Reading

A major part of your requirements is your required reading (audio book is allowed).  Below is a list of books you are either required to read or get to choose from.  We will have books available for you as needed in our library.

Read Either:

  • Steps to Christ

  • Steps to Christ Youth Edition


Read Either:

  • Desire of the Ages

  • Humble Hero


Read Both:

  • The Pathfinder Story

  • Education

Read One of The Following:

  • Anticipating the Advent by George Knight

  • Tell It to the World by Mervyn Maxwell

  • Light Bearers to the Remnant by Richard W. Schwarz and Floyd Greenleaf

  • The Church Heritage Manual


Read Either:

  • Child Guidance

  • Messages to Young People

Submit a one-page response focusing on the benefits of your reading


Read one of the following “Leadership Skill Development” Books

  • A Positive Church in a Negative World by Jonas Arrias

  • Take the Risk by Ben Carson

  • Ellen White on Leadership by Cindy Tutsh

  • Help! I’m being Followed by Clinton Valley.

Our Master Guide Vision

The Seventh-Day Adventist Pathfinder/Adventurer Master Guide Program is a leadership development program designed for youth within the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. The program aims to equip young people with leadership skills, practical skills, and spiritual development, to enable them to become future leaders in their communities and the church. Here we will examine the history and objectives of the program, its curriculum, and ways to improve the program.

History and Objectives of the Master Guide Program

The Master Guide Program was originally termed as Master Comrade in 1927, and created as a leadership development program for youth within the Seventh-Day Adventist Church.  It was later renamed in 1952 to Master Guide.  The program was designed to provide a structured program that would develop leadership skills, practical skills, and spiritual development. The program is built on the foundation of the Pathfinder Club, which is a youth scout club within the Seventh-Day Adventist Church that aims to teach young people Christian values and life skills.

The objectives of the Master Guide Program are to:

  1. Equip young people with leadership skills and experience to become effective leaders in their communities and the church.

  2. Develop practical skills and knowledge that will enable young people to become self-sufficient and contribute to society.

  3. Provide spiritual development and nurture to young people, enabling them to develop a personal relationship with God and grow in their faith.


The Master Guide Program Curriculum

The Master Guide Program curriculum is structured around a series of requirements that cover a range of topics, including leadership, growth, outdoor skills, lifestyle development, community service, and spiritual development. 

The basic level requirements focus on basic leadership skills, such as communication, organization, and teamwork. Here the topics of education, spiritual gifts, and personalities will be discussed. It is here that Master Guides learn to develop advanced leadership skills, such as conflict resolution, decision-making, and delegation.


Lifestyle development includes requirements for advanced outdoor skills, such as camping, hiking, survival skills, CPR and First Aid.

Spiritual growth expands on the knowledge of Seventh-day Adventism and Christianity.  It is here that Master Guides grow with God and build upon their religious foundational beliefs.

Master Guides learn to be an advocate for their community, through outreach, missions, and community services.

Other requirements focus on developing expertise in a particular area of interest, such as youth ministry, health ministry, or media ministry. It also includes requirements for mentoring and training other young people in the Pathfinder Club and the Master Guide Program.

Ways to Improve the Master Guide Program

Although the Master Guide Program has been successful in developing young leaders within the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, there are several ways in which the program could be improved to make it more effective and relevant for young people today.

  1. Reword this statement from the General Conference Youth Ministries Program, "The Master Guide is the expert, the advisor, the promoter for Adventurers and Pathfinders. As such, MG is NOT a Pathfinder program, it is a Youth Ministry Leadership Program."  This statement is equialent to saying the Eagle Scout is not part of the Boyscout Program.  It's a detriment to the Pathfinder program to say the highest achievement of Pathfinders is a separate program.  This statement disincentivizes our young Pathfinders from completing the program as they see it as a separate tract.

  2. Update the curriculum to include more relevant topics: The program could be updated to include more relevant topics, such as digital media skills.  A social media honor already exists and is suggested. It's emphasis could be more relevant as part of the curriculum than other mandatory topics.  More specifically, social ministry is a tool for ministry not utilized enough in our leadership.

  3. Increase the focus on incentivizing: We need to emphasize and incentivize getting our teenagers to finish their Master Guide, such as automatic acceptance to Adventist Universities.  Many Pathfinders leave the program to further pursue other extra curricular activities to bolster their possibility of acceptance to universities. If they knew that obtaining their Master Guide helped with acceptance to attend a University, then they may be more likely to stay in the program.

  4. Integrate technology into the program: The program could be made more engaging and interactive by integrating technology, such as online learning platforms and mobile apps. The program requirements could become online based, as we are attempting here at Hemet SDA, to help with conferences that do little to assist with completing the program.

  5. Encouraging collaboration and teamwork: The Master Guide Program can foster a sense of teamwork and collaboration among young people. This can be achieved by encouraging group projects and activities that require young people to work together to achieve common goals. This not only develops their leadership skills but also teaches them valuable skills such as communication, conflict resolution, and problem-solving.

  6. Developing a culture of feedback and evaluation: Feedback and evaluation are crucial components of any learning program. The Master Guide Program can benefit from developing a culture of feedback and evaluation, where young people receive regular feedback on their progress and performance. This can be done through mentorship, peer-to-peer evaluation, and regular assessments of their skills and knowledge. By providing young people with feedback and evaluation, they can identify areas for improvement and work towards developing their leadership abilities further.  Even more so those in the program can evaluate the curriculum and offer ways for it's improvement as well.



The Seventh-Day Adventist Pathfinder/Adventurer Master Guide Program is a valuable program that has been successful in developing young leaders within the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. The program's objectives of equipping young people with leadership skills, practical skills, and spiritual development are still relevant today. However, there are ways in which the program could be improved to make it more accessible, relevant, and effective for young people. By making these improvements, the program can continue to develop young leaders who will make a positive impact in their communities and the world.


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